She’s Always There-She’s a Mom

She’s Always There-She’s a Mom

She’s Always There-She’s a Mom 1131 1635 Mona Corwin

There he stood with his 6 year old toes curled around the edge of the pool. The swim coach was describing how to dive into the pool and stay in your lane. Nervous he knew he wasn’t getting it. He looked over at his mom for support. She knew what he was thinking. A quick thumbs up and the words “way to go buddy” from her let him know everything was gonna be ok. And you know what it was.

It wasn’t the first time he looked to her for direction and comfort and it for sure wouldn’t be the last.

She was there for him from the very first breath and she will always be there.

She is a Mother.

Motherhood isn’t the easiest role, but it is profoundly rewarding. I know because I am the mother to 5 grown children and lived to tell the tale.

I remember the trip home from the hospital with our first born, Brett. I was overwhelmed with the fact that they let us actually leave with him. I felt so unprepared.

We would just sit and look at him in awe and then in terror as I realized that this precious baby could die if I didn’t get things right. The responsibility was huge.

Nothing prepares you for being a mother or for the level of self sacrifice it brings. And in a culture of “all about me” lots of us have a hard time transitioning and navigating it all.

Then just when you get good at a stage of childhood, bam your in another one that is just as challenging.

From diapers to driving carpool, moms are in the thick of it all and sometimes it gets crazy. It can be hard to find perspective or peace but when it comes it completes the craziness with the overwhelming feeling of love and joy in those kids.

Our life looked like pure chaos. But then I realized the chaos actually end up feeling like abundance. We had created a family and as cray cray as it felt sometimes it was ours.

Remember that you are their mother. You are the soft place to land when the world hurts them. You are their greatest cheerleader. You are the nurturer of their souls.

God created you perfectly for them and them for you. Embrace the messy and live your mothering to the fullest.

Happy Mother’s Day,


Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community