So, Mona, what’s the Moms Like Us Academy all about?

So, Mona, what’s the Moms Like Us Academy all about?

So, Mona, what’s the Moms Like Us Academy all about? 1280 720 Mona Corwin

Moms Like Us Academy is an online community –  a lifeline for like-minded moms navigating the challenges of motherhood in today’s world. Picture it: as a safe place where you can equip yourself with the skills, strategies, and tools to be the best mom you can be. Because let’s face it, your kids and your man deserve nothing less, and most importantly, so do you.


Why is the Moms Like Us Academy Important?


Modern motherhood presents new challenges every day:


  • How do I protect my children from the dangers of cyberbullying, online predators, and inappropriate content?
  • What if my family faces the breakdown of our family unit, something I thought was unbreakable? The fear is paralyzing.
  • How do I break free from the cycle of stress, frustration, and feeling stuck in life? It’s a constant battle.
  • Where can I find guidance on managing the demanding roles of wife, mother, and homemaker? Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest often leave me feeling inadequate and lost.


The MLU Academy helps you address these fears, worries, and concerns head-on with its Success System, Expert Teachers, Resources, and Live Online Coaching. The best news: it’s all grounded in a Biblical worldview because, well, who better to turn to than the Almighty?


The Five Pillars of the Moms Like Us Academy:


  • Marriage: Strengthen your bond with your husband through improved communication, quality time, and intimacy. Yes, we even have a Christian sex therapist to come chat!
  • Parenting: Gain practical strategies for nurturing deep relationships with your kids, implementing grace-based discipline, and instilling godly character and virtue.
  • Self-Care: Learn the true meaning of self-care and how to prioritize it in your life in the chaos of motherhood.
  • Spiritual Growth: Deepen your understanding of the Bible, enhance your prayer life, and reconnect with your faith.
  • Home Environment: From cooking to creating a peaceful home atmosphere, from budgeting to tackling household chores (yes, even the dreaded toilet cleaning!), we cover it all.


How Does The Moms Like Us Academy Work?


Each month, you’ll receive 4 pieces of content—1 per week—that guide you through our focus areas without overwhelming you. And if you ever feel lost, don’t worry – I’ll be here to guide you through it.


What’s Included in the Moms Like Us Academy:


  • 1 Master Class: Taught by an expert in one of our focus areas.
  • 1 Resource: Relevant to the class topic to deepen your understanding.
  • 1 Live Q&A Coaching Session: Interact with Mona and occasional guest experts to address your burning questions.
  • 1 Surprise from Mona: It could be anything from a bonus video to a helpful cheat sheet or even a thoughtful snail mail surprise!


Join us in the MLU Academy and start your journey toward becoming the mom you’ve always dreamed of being. Your family—and you—deserve nothing less.


See you in there! 




Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community