What Happened To These Women Will Make You Say ENOUGH!

What Happened To These Women Will Make You Say ENOUGH!

What Happened To These Women Will Make You Say ENOUGH! 682 400 Mona Corwin

Watch this video first, then lets talk. Yep, I know it’s a different way to write a blog. But girl- this blog spot isn’t ever going to do normal.

Are you drying your eyes? Me too!

After that I just want to hug all my sisters out there and holla…”You are Enough!!”

You don’t need one more of anything to be a better you than who you are. Before time began, God reserved this spot on this timeline of eternity just for you. He designed you with gifts, abilities and purpose. It’s all inside of you. And the outside isn’t shabby either. He knew just what a softness and strength needed to look like.

You are Gods work of art. You’re enough!

We can all see the real you coming through when: you mother your children, tend to the hurting, encourage a friend, give at work and then give some more at home. You, woman, bring life to the world around you. Who you are as a woman shows up in what you do.

So, who are you?
You are a cherished child created by God. Designed uniquely female, you display your identity in Christ in a way that can only be seen through your womanhood.

It is a great gift, being a woman. You’re enough!

A woman’s influence changes atmospheres as she breaths truth, love and tenderness into a sometimes-harsh world. It is powerful. God loves what He put inside of you. And He smiles as he thinks of the unique beauty on your outside, freckles and all. He is enthralled with it.

The world looks at the outside and says you’re:

  • Not pretty enough
  • Not skinny enough
  • Not smart enough

It says your value and worth is only found in their definition of enough. What they’re really saying is: unless you look like we look and do what we do, you hold no value, you are not worthy and you do not belong. There is no room for uniqueness only conformity. It is harsh and hardly life giving.

But God says your worth is immeasurable. And girl, that is way more than Enough!

It pleased Him to design you just the way you are. He smiled when He knew the lives that would be touched by your life. You are highly valued and you friend- you definitely belong- to Him.

Girl, grab some time and seek God. Allow the truth that you are enough because of Him to saturate your soul. And then with full intention, be brave, live the life you were meant to live. Because, woman, you are enough!

Finish off this blog by listening to the song “Enough” by The MRS. Band. The link for the music and the words are below. Then go find a mirror and smile back at that girl looking at you. She is loved and she is Enough!

While you’re singing, share this with your friends.

And join the “why I’m enough…” conversation in the comment section below. Ready, set- Go!

Listen to the music.

Sing the words really Loud.


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