Teaching Kids Generosity During Christmas

Teaching Kids Generosity During Christmas

Teaching Kids Generosity During Christmas 1974 1112 Mona Corwin

Hey Lil Mumma,

Teaching your kids generosity can be a challenge especially at Christmas. Tackling the selfish monster in their little hearts is hard. Everyone is asking them what they want and what Santa is bringing them. The television is happy to help with all the commercials that say “This is the coolest thing ever.”

And while you want them to enjoy the essence of the season, everything just fuels the “all about me” mentality.

BUT… this time of year can also be a super time to sow seeds of empathy and compassion in your children too. We are all born self centered and need to be taught to see and feel the needs of others. You mom have the honor of teaching these God like traits.

Make an effort to put others in your family’s tradition with these ideas:

-Giving/Generosity Tuesday. I have heard it called both and I just love this idea. Thanksgiving is done. Black Friday is over and Cyber Monday has had it’s last click. It’s a perfect day to refocus and set your focus toward the Christmas season.

-Angel trees at the malls. This avenue really promotes empathy. When you get your Ange tree list it’s a real person that you are buying for. Take your kids and help them imagine the joy of the child getting the gift.

-Operation Christmas Box. This organization takes shoeboxes full of stuff to children in other countries that might not otherwise have anything for Christmas. Your family can take a picture of yourselves and write a letter to the child. Such a great personal way to connect with empathy, and learning we are all the same to God.

-Fire Station or Police Station. Thanking people who serve is always a good idea. Learning about sacrifice and protecting the innocent is such a bonus for our kids to experience,

-Nursing Home or Retirement Center. In our transit culture your children may not have the benefit of being around older people. It is always a treasured moment when they connect. The older listening so well and giving such unconditional love and the younger offering joy and excitement about life. Don’t leave this one out its so moving. Psst… Take tissues.

-Do a secret Santa drop off.  Find someone who may not be having the best season. Take your kids to the store to grab some gifts. Wrap them together like little elves and then…. Do the secret drop off. You pull up to the house and have the kids run and drop the gift… ring the bell and then high tail it into the car. The excitement and memory will last a lifetime.

-Don’t forget to add Jesus and His gift to us into every stage of your holiday. Learning about compassion, empathy and giving from Him is the best example of all.

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Do you have a way that you teach generosity to your kids? Tell us below.

Happy Giving,


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