Don’t Avoid This When Buying Presents This Christmas

Don’t Avoid This When Buying Presents This Christmas

Don’t Avoid This When Buying Presents This Christmas 1707 2560 Mona Corwin

The tree is up. The budget is set. And the calendar is in place.

I feel so prepared.

How about you?

If not there is still time to get you on track to the best Christmas ever. Download the FREE “Bye Bye Cray Cray Christmas-Hello Affordable Fun Best Christmas Ever Planner right now! Then go watch the other videos in the series and catch up.

And for you moms that have already got my Secret System in place….

It’s now time to LIVE the Holidays with excitement and meaning!

The big tasks are done and the framework of the secret system in place. Get ready to experience a Christmas like never before.

Did you notice I didn’t say all the presents are bought and wrapped? That’s right. Because buying presents and wrapping them should be a joy not a burden. It should be the fun part of the holiday not the get it done part.

I use to find it a burden. Trying to get presents bought between school pick up and soccer practice. It caused such stress. Frustrated and frazzled I’d just grab something… anything and didn’t even care how much it cost. “Just get the thing now,” I’d tell myself and worry about the money all working out somehow later.

Ever feel like this?

Yep, THIS is when it happens… The cray cray I keep talking about. It starts creeping in right now in early December.

DON”T LET IT!!! Block that cray cray now. Stop reading this article and GO print out your Christmas Planner and get the framework to this secret system in place now before the cray cray eats up your holiday.

Now for you moms who have  already set your budget using the pen to paper print out or the amazing online one that keeps track for you. And you’ve started filling in your “Under The Tree” sheet you won’t be thinking gift buying is a burden.You will see present buying as a blessing.

Here’s some been there done that, Mom Mentor advice for present buying.

BIG POINT: Do not avoid the reality of your budget and schedule.

Let me say it again… Do Not avoid the reality of your budget and time schedule.

“Avoidance may be a short term strategy to avoid pain but it is also the

best long term strategy to ensure suffering.”

Brendan Burchard

Free and motivated moms do not neglect reality. They meet it with attention and intention. The results they experience when they shop feels amazing and more like Christmas.

There’s no dreading or struggle. With their feet firmly planted in a plan and a sense of challenge of finding the perfect gift within their budget they enjoy the essence of gift giving.

And because they blocked scheduled (video #4) their days and weeks of shopping is fun and enjoyable not frazzled and rushed experience.

So my checklist for your gift buying:

  • Don’t avoid the reality of time and money.
  • Stay in Your Budget.
  • Fill in your gift sheet with ideas before heading out.
  • Embrace the fun & challenge of choosing just the right gift.

Remember that free and motivated Mumma’s do not avoid reality. They put their attention and intention on it. They know that when they do they say bye bye to the craziness of Christmas and hello to a meaningful and managed one.

How do you manage the cray cray? Comment below.

P.S. Here’s the download for the Bye Bye Cray Cray Christmas Planner Secret System again. It’s FREE I want you to have the Best Christmas Ever.

Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community