Hey Mom, Want To Dream Wild & Beautiful Things Again?

Hey Mom, Want To Dream Wild & Beautiful Things Again?

Hey Mom, Want To Dream Wild & Beautiful Things Again? 830 1072 Mona Corwin

Hey Mom, Want To Dream Wild & Beautiful Things Again?

There is a sad scenario that I see a lot in mom’s today. They have stopped dreaming during their season of mothering. There is a huge lie that many of the moms are believing.

“Motherhood is a season so set aside who you are and what you love and what you were born to do and someday you can do it again.”

This lil mumma is a HUGE LIE! I got some truth for you today and a question.

Want to dream wild & beautiful things again?

The Truth

Motherhood is not a season. It is a role. You never stop being a mom. You parent differently but you never stop your mothering. Therefore if you set aside your gifts, talents and dreams until you’re mothering stops girl you will never fulfill all the other roles and plans God created for you.

When you become a wife and mother new aspects of who you are as a woman enters your life, your whole life.

Motherhood and marriage and family are not a passing thing. A “just for now thing.” Or a prison sentence. Culture depicts motherhood as a duty instead of a delight. As a leech that sucks all the life out of a woman.

Culture is wrong. God never asked women to stop being all he created them to be when they became wives and moms. Nope. He in fact was adding to the wonder of your womanhood your whole womanhood when you became a wife and mother.

His design isn’t wrong. In fact He dared to dream wild and beautifully as He created all your womanhood including motherhood.

He doesn’t want you to stop dreaming. He wants you to dream differently.

To dream big, beautiful dreams. Wild ones that make you shiver.

I know this because I did it. I became a wife and mother and learned to dream big beautiful wild dreams for my family and for me as a woman.

I’ve learned to ask big beautiful questions and create answers that make things happen in my life. (Some of them still make me shiver when I remember them)

Tangible Things like:

  • Two published books and one online course.
  • One patent pending Family interactive Christmas Countdown Devotional
  • Adoption of 3 daughters (infertility wasn’t stopping my dreams)
  • An Online coaching business with community, daily broadcast and Academy for moms.
  • 2 business ventures while being a stay at home mom before the internet. (you can’t even imagine how hard that was, ha)
  • Created the first in the State of Texas City Recycling center and program.  (again no internet just a phone with a long cord and some other mummas, crazy right?)
  • And the most wild one- Buy a house, cut it in half, take down the roof and move it to the country and put it back together. Still shivering on this one? But we did it! Because we dreamed it first.

Priceless things like:

  • Changes for my marriage to go deeper and last longer than any family before us.
  • Grew in my time with Jesus and knowledge of Him by studying and  reading the Bible through several times.
  • Instill Jesus virtues into their character and relationships.
  • Create bonds for our family through healthy cooking and meaningful conversations.
  • Curating our home to be a place of belonging and peace.
  • Teaching and speaking to moms about God’s design and word.
  • Learning how to heal my past and create a better family life for my own children. (some dreams have hard steps in them. But God is always there.)

You can do it too

When you became a mom you entered into a new rhythm of life not a passing season.  It most likely brought about beautiful and precious feelings and experiences so wonderful that they took your breath away.

But motherhood can also bring about a huge feeling of responsibility and fear that you are going to screw your kids up. It can feel like things are out of control but they don’t have to be.

You feel like your sinking, losing your grip and your self in the process. Your dreams gone and the nightmare of failure haunts you. You give up everything and still feel stuck. You can’t wait for it to be over.

Hear me! You are not Stuck! You just have to look at your life and do a new kind of dreaming.

… Tell me, what is it that you will do with

your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

I am a self proclaimed word nerd and I am moved by words. So when I heard that quote from Mary Oliver it attached itself to my heart and I was never the same.  And neither was my life.

I remember even gasping as I thought, “HEY, that’s right!  This is my life. My one and only precious and wonderful life. God created me to do great things. Do I want it to be boring and messy or do I want it to be a wonderful wild adventure!”

I still can see myself in the kitchen. Standing there with great tenacity and confidence I actually stomped my foot and declared, “Hey Yes, I’m gonna do it.”

And you know what? I figured it out!

So, What about you? Do you feel stuck like you’re just gritting your teeth until this season is over? Are you feeling like everything beautiful in your life is a mess and smells like the diapers in the trash?

Look….Have I got great news for you! We are given one shot at life and there are no dress rehearsals. Whether you have it all figured out or are stuck in fear of trying we all are responsible for our own lives.

Every part of your life has promise and is worthy of great things… wildly beautiful things. Want to find some of them?

As a coach to moms I love helping them dream big for their lives and their family’s lives. You can’t hit dreams that are never dreamt.

What permission to dream?

Permission granted.

I’m asking you today, “What Lil Mumma will you do with your one wild and precious life?”

Get Started

Here’s where I start with moms I coach a mom to embrace her wild and precious life to the fullest. It starts with the “Big Beautiful Bold Question.”

READY… wish I had a latte and was sitting with you right now! But you can do it. Grab your coffee, paper and pen and dig into the rich soil of your life.

The Beautiful & Bold Question

Ok. I want you to dream big. Not kidding. Like the “I don’t know if I can nail this for sure but I sooooo want it” kind of dreaming. Cast a big wide vision. No negative thoughts allowed. No I cant do it. Only big wild wonderful thoughts.

Part One

What do you want your life to look like this time next year? Be specific and bold.

In your physical health-

In your spiritual life-

In your marriage-

In your mothering-

Your relationship with family-

As Curator of your home-

In your gifting and talents-

In a struggle you are in-

Part Two

Create a success path.

Now that you have them written down reverse engineer the dream. Every one of them. Your dreams of worthy of you creating a path for them to come to life.

Ex: If in one year you see yourself cooking healthy for you and your family then you most likely will have:

  • Researched recipes
  • Created a schedule that allowed for prep time
  • Found a way to put fresh snacks in the frig.
  • Know what is for dinner each night and grocery shop for ingredients.
  • You schedule to lay the meat out every morning.

As you can see these aren’t in order but you can tell how doing them would increase the chance of healthy meals for your family. Creating a path way for success will be the key when you are ready to cook. You will know what to cook, have the ingredients and had already laid out the meat.  Yay!

Part Three

Put that plan into a planner and start working that plan. (The MomsLikeUs Planner downloadable one created for moms by moms and priced for us too.)

You can do it,

Hugs, Mona Your Mom Mentor

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Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community