Finally! End the Social Media Comparison Trap

Finally! End the Social Media Comparison Trap

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Finally! End the Social Media Comparison Trap

At one point or another social media scrolling has gotten us all into a mess. We want to see all the things everyone post yet that pesky old comparison bug pops up as much as todays newest post. Don’t you just want to put an end to the comparison trap?

If we were honest the comparison bug shows up more than we like to admit. And we end up putting down our phones feeling less than happy and conclude our lives aren’t so great compared to everyone else.

But what if we could change that? What if we could swat that comparison bug away as fast as a pest fly on a hot summer day?

#1 Big Point: Comparison isn’t the problem. It’s what you do after you compare that causes the problem. What you do after you compare IS.

There’s a lot of talk about how comparing ourselves to everyone on IG or FB is bad or negative. But is it really? Truth is it’s not the comparing that is the problem. It’s the feelings you feel directly after the comparison happens are that is the real culprit..

So lets look at how it happens and begin to implement turn our social media scrolling into something enjoyable.

  1. Most of the people we follow are like-minded or have something we want to learn from. And if that is the case you will at some point see something they are doing or have that sparks your interest.
  2. You’ll have thoughts like: Hum I like that. I want that. Do I have that? I’d like that for me.These thoughts will pop into your mind and the comparison has started.
  3. This in itself isn’t bad or negative. The very definition of comparison is: The act of examining resemblance. Nothing bad or negative there right?

BIG POINT #2 – BEWARE: What you do from here is Very Important.. it is the games changer from enjoying a scroll to going all negative just like all the bad press about social media warns us about.

  1. Stop and Think!  What feelings your comparison is producing. Is it producing envy and jealousy. Or is it producing inspiration and motivation?
  2. Consider. This is the moment you get to chose the way this scrolling session will go.

Big Point #3 – Feelings are just feelings and though we should allow them, they are never to be in charge. Bottom line like I told my kids for years “Your feelings are not the boss of you.” (they liked that, ha)

The bottom line is you get to choose one of the following. Which will you choose the next time you see something on social media?


The definition of Envy is:

“A feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by or in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another.”

Envy sounds like: ugh, I’ll never have that or go there. My kids would never do that they are so out of control. And my husband never looks at me like that anymore.


The definition of jealousy:

“A feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have something that is possessed by another. Ill-will or coveting

Jealousy sounds like: are you kidding me I bet those kids are brats and her husband probably hates all that posing. She’s not real.

OR… Make a better choice and choose to be inspired and motivated


The definition of Inspiration:

“A product of your creative thinking. The arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity.”

Inspiration sounds like: Wow I love the color of her kitchen it looks so fresh and light. I’ve never really liked the green walls I have.


The definition of Motivation:
“Having a desire or willingness to act. The desire to do,incentive.”

Motivation sounds like: I wonder what color white that is? I could figure out how to paint these walls. I’m going to DM her “hey girl your kitchen inspired me to brighten up mine from gold to white. What color are those gorgeous walls?”

Friend, comparison isn’t bad unless it goes to envy and jealousy. It’s ok to compare if you use it for inspiration and motivation.

Final Big Point #4

There is enough for everyone.

Friend, comparison isn’t bad unless it goes to envy and jealousy. It’s ok to compare if you use it for inspiration and motivation.

Toss that scarcity mindset that believes there’s only so much and if someone else has it then there’s not enough for you. What a huge lie!

Instead change your mind to realize there’s an abundance of everything. You can figure out how to have what you want for you and your family.

And speaking of families, as you learn to how to use comparison for your benefit, you can teach this valuable lesson to your children. What a gift for them to learn this ability early in life.

So, the next time you open your social media remember that MomsLikeUs, we use comparison to inspire and motivate us to make our homes and families even better then they are already.


Mona, Your Mom Mentor




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