Family Success Starts With Vision- Got One?

Family Success Starts With Vision- Got One?

Family Success Starts With Vision- Got One? 2560 1930 Mona Corwin

Family Success Starts With Vision- Got One?

If you were to start a college degree or business venue one of the things you would be asked is “what is the vision you have for this?”

Everyone loves to talk about 5 year plans that make visions happen.

You too might have a vision for your own career, kitchen or dream home. You may even have a vision board that has pictures of what you want to be true in your life.

But have you ever thought about your 5 year vision for your family or you marriage? If you’re like most of us the only vision would be similar to this answer below.

“I don’t want my marriage to fail and

I don’t want to screw up my kids.”

Most of us

This heart wrenching statement is full of fear and worry. Rightly so.

When asked how they are going to keep that from happening the answers are usually some form of:

  • Hope for the best.
  • Do the best I can.
  • I have no idea!

Lil Mumma it just doesn’t have to go like this. There is a way to cast vision. Specific vision. Unique vision for your marriage, your children and yourself.

I have coach many women through a unique success process that brings confidence, clarity and a sense of calm … even in the chaotic world of kids and marriage.

Here’s one of the methods I use in my coaching.

Reason for vision

Because God told us to.

  • Proverbs 29:18 says:“Where there is no vision the people perish”
  • Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

He also gave us a path to find it.

  • Jeremiah 29:11-13 that He has a plan and we can find it when we seek HIM with all our hearts. And when we do we find vision and knowledge that is grounded in who He is and what He wants for us.

With that reason being established let’s get practical

Step 1 Cast Vision.

Take a part of your family life that is important to you. Say your children spiritual growth.

Think about what they will be like in 5 or 10 years from now. What do you see in them? Do you see kindness, salvation received, purity, respectfulness, virtue?

Write these down for each kid.

Now think about the things from your own past or your past generations  that you would like to see in your children’s life. Perhaps a love for the outdoors, or God’s word. Maybe it’s a simple as enjoying family and playing games and having fun together. It’s your vision what do you want.

Write these down too.

Ok one more thing. What in the past generations of your extended family and your husbands do you NOT want in your Childs life? Maybe drugs or addiction are still rampant. Perhaps like me there were many children conceived outside of marriage. Maybe anger and lying were or are a staple in these family lines.

Consider a better outcome and write it down for your child.

Step 2 Why?

Know why you want this trait. Write down the negative outcome if they don’t have it. Write down the positive if they do. Then consider the most important thing-How does this reflect the character of God or one of his attributes

Step 3 Back it up.

Find scriptures that match the traits you want to see in your children. Write them next to the trait. Pray those scriptures over that child.

Step 4 Get a plan.

Find resources and people to help you obtain your vision. Then schedule it into your life by creating a life curriculum for your child, marriage or anything else you want vision in.

You can chart a course for success in your marriage and your children and it starts with VISION.

Great kids don’t just happen. And a long lasting marriage doesn’t just drift into a meaningful fulfilling one. You can have vision and a plan. If you need more help with creating a Whole Family Vision I’d love to help. I am available for group and one on one mentoring. Contact me at mona@monacorwin.org and we can stop your drifting and get you back on course.


Mona, Your Mom Mentor

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Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community