Why I Had To Learn To Pray

Why I Had To Learn To Pray

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Why I Had To Learn To Pray

31 Days of Passion Filled Prayers for the Man I Love

We can get so busy in our mom lives that we can forget that our men face different challenges and struggles in their lives too.  Life can be hard and the enemy doesn’t let anyone off. Our men are under attack as much as we are. They get weary like us. They feel unappreciated like us. They can feel defeated, unqualified and like a failure. Just like Us.

We all need prayer.

Thankfully God knew we would fall into great need in this world. He also knew He was the answer with solutions to every single one of those needs no matter our time in history. Yep that means in Esther’s day he had help available. In the little house on the prairie days he was there with protection. And he’s got answers now for us too.

So how do we access those solutions, answers? We ask for it! We pray that’s how.

How cool is it that he even has that covered. He created prayer. A way that cost us nothing to do and is aways just a thought away.

Prayer is the answer. But does it really work?

It’s such a mystery. I mean think about it. How can just saying things in quiet or our loud to someone you can’t see do any good at all? Yep I wondered about that too when I started praying. But friend once you experience it and the power of it, you won’t care who hears you or how loud you get. Bottom line the mystery is miraculous.

Praying as a wife

As a wife your prayers carry immense power. As you lift your prayers to God he hears and responds. You receive peace and His power is released to accomplish HIs will for you and your man. What a God.

Plus there is a bonus when you pray for the one you love.  Because

you and your man are one  and praying for him is like blessing yourself. But even if it wasn’t isn’t that precious guy you adore worth your prayers?

Why not give it a try and see?

Here’s my challenge to all the MomsLikeUs tribe. Take the secret weapon of prayer and for 30 days commit to pray passion filled prayers for your man.

I have created a passion filled prayer list for you. I think you should download it. It made me cry as I wrote it.

P.S. Email me and let me know the results and miracles you experience as you become God’s Secret Weapon- a praying wife.  mona@monacorwin.org

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Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community