Lost Yourself In Your MomLife? Find it Again!

Lost Yourself In Your MomLife? Find it Again!

Lost Yourself In Your MomLife? Find it Again! 556 612 Mona Corwin

Lost Yourself in Your MomLife? Find it Again!

Wonder where the you of you got up and went?

Do you feel like your own personal dreams and goals are gone?

Do you sometimes, even kinda little, feel like your husband doesn’t give up as much as you’ve had to being a mom?


If you answer yes to any of these you are not alone.

You lil mumma have come to a place of defining and redefining a place you have been. For most of us motherhood and marriage wasn’t what we thought it would be. And we had no idea how hard and how much sacrifice it would mean.

Hard can be hard. But like one our family sayings go, “Corwin’s do hard. Hard isn’t a stop sign it’s a sign to keep going until it’s not hard any more.”

So here’s my advice from a recent MomsLikeUs Weekly Resource. Hey, want to get the weekly resources? Text the word “FINDYOURS” to the number 44222 and follow the prompts. You’ll get stuff like this plus more stuff for moms like us.


5 Steps to Find Your Gifts and Passions

News Flash: Mothering does not mean that the YOU part of you has to evaporate.

Gifts, talents, dreams and goals.  You know that thing that  author Jennifer Fulwelier calls a “blue hot flame.” Those things that burn in you to do. Things you love and the passion for them never burns out.

You have them. You shouldn’t ignore them. God placed them inside of you for you to enjoy and others to be blessed.

But do you know them? And if yes, do know how to put them into a life full of diapers, dishes, and marriage?

Here’s a great place to start. Find your “blue hot flame” and fan that thang.

1. Find Your Strengths.

We all have strengths and weakness. It is so helpful to know what you are strong in so you can work and relate through those strengths. It’s equally important to know your weaknesses so that you can improve them.

There’s a test for finding this out. Yup, you can know in the next hour what your strengths and weaknesses are. The Clifton Strengths test is used by colleges and business all over the world. I love it. The list of strengths are all wonderful and it always amazes me to see how everyone loves their top 5. It is a feel good test.j

2. Discover Your Passions

This is done through personal reflection, prayer and asking others. God created you with these passions for a reason. He wants you to bless His world with them. So take time to ask Him to reveal them to you. Then over the next while look for clues.

It doesn’t have to be “spiritual”. Maybe you love braids and hair. You find yourself on Pinterest searching the newest trends. Time flies by when you think about or try all things hair. You might have a passion for being a hair expert.

Get with someone who knows you and ask them what they think your passions and gifts are. Or find a mentor or coach to help you get a laser view of things. I offer this in my one on one mentoring sessions. It’s so fun!

3. Learn it- Develop it.

Take those gifts, talents, passions and develop it. I call this a ‘Life Curriculum.’” I develop this with the women I mentor. Here’s a few of the things that are just a part of what I do.

Make a resource list of all the websites and blogs that focus on your passion. Put it in the notes section of your phone.So that when you have free scroll time you can learn and scroll well.

Find and take courses to develop you passion. Become skillful. It’s your gift but it isn’t always well developed. You have to take part.

4. Where on Earth Can You DO it?

Great question considering it is not your primary priority. If you are a mother and wife you have many other things that are a priority, and rightly so.

We must realize that as women we have so many wonderful things we get to do in our lifetime. However, there are seasons that require us to be more focused on certain aspects of those things.

This does not mean that you lay your passions, gifts down and forget them. This actually makes for a cranky woman. God didn’t say all at once, nor did he say only one at a time.  We are to be diligent to incorporate it all into our lives. They key is in the correct measure for the correct season.

5. Make a Plan…and girl do it!

It’s pretty easy to dream and scheme about it all. But girl you got to have a plan. Find ways to fan that blue hot flame. And put it in your calendar. And Do it!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Made in His image with gifts, talents and abilities that He was thrilled to place in you to be used in your generation and for the people near you.

So, find that “blue hot flame” and fan that thang. We are all waiting to feel the heat.


Mona, Your Mom Mentor

P.S. If you need help I am available for one-to-one mentoring in this area as well as mothering, marriage and spiritual growth. I have helped thousands of moms just like you. I’d love to help.  Contact me at mona@monacorwin.org for more info. And follow me on Instagram @Mona_Corwin for other MomsLikeUs Stuff. Facebook MomsLikeUs Community too.

Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community