Get excited friend, this book lays out the truth about:

Your Generation, Your Gender, and Your Grit to get it all done.

Within this generation is a new breed of Jesus Lovers who refuse the world’s labels. They are soul hunters, truth declarers, they are rushing into the world that needs justice and compassion.

Bottom line: this generation is awake and belongs to God. The world doesn’t define them, mold them or move them. They possess a tenacity that comes from a surrendered, Spirit empowered life. Together, with their brothers by their sides, fearlessness has become a way of life for them. For when they are afraid, they obey anyway.

“The UnStoppables” is a must-read for any believer who is serious about launching a generation of warriors to fulfill the Great Commission. With a little over two-thousand language groups left to be reached in the world, the fulfillment is close, and this generation is breaking all the boundaries set up by man because they’re passionate about the Gospel. That’s a God thing! Mona Corwin’s words ring true with provocative clarity that will energize your desire to engage this generation by making disciples who make disciples, and changing the world by starting right where you are. They’re all around us, in our homes, in our churches. Let’s not put them to sleep with weak religion. Let’s jump in and mentor them for Kingdom IMPACT, and watch them torch the world with the Gospel!”

– Chris White, Founder Mobilizing Students and Trek-X

eBook available


144 pages


Carpenters Son Publishing (January 1, 2014)






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