The Jesus Advent Tree DELUXE

Finally, a Christian Kids Christmas Countdown That Has It All! Just Like Jesus!!! 

Have you noticed how the world is trying to kick Jesus out of Christmas? WELL, NO MORE!

The Jesus Advent Tree keeps Christ the center of the celebration. He’ll be the focus of your Christmas table all season long with the Jesus Advent Tree Interactive Family Devotional. Create meaningful traditions for your family that will be passed down for generations.


This 25-day interactive devotional counts down the days until Christmas by using unique objects and riddles whose answers can only be found in the Bible. This new family tradition takes you into God’s word, where you find not just the baby but also Jesus the Man, the Miracle Worker, and the Savior. Perfect for all ages and spiritual levels. Schools too!

Your family will experience the anticipation as each linen bag is opened to reveal the object and riddle card of the day. From Old Testament prophecy to New Testament stories, the birth, miracles, and character of Jesus come alive all season long.

Everything included. You just need a Bible, a tray for the bags, and don’t forget a treat or candy for the bags!

Family devotionals have never been this fun or easy. Create cherished memories and traditions in your family that will be passed down for generations.

What’s included:

  • 14” tree
  • 25 linen bags and red and white ties 
  • 25 unique objects that you attach daily to your tree. (it’s fun to remember what the previous stories were about.)
  • 25 Numbered Riddle Countdown Cards
  • 25 tags for your bags (maybe let your kids do the numbers in their own precious handwriting)
  • A Christmas star tree topper
  • A nativity figurine for in front of your tree cuz it’s all about Jesus all season long.


Susie, teacher

Mona, I am in love with this newest version of The Jesus Advent Tree! Each year I do this with my students at our Christian school and I’m always just as excited as they are to open the bags daily. Thanks so much for creating this!


I just finished using the Advent tree I bought at the MOPS group where you spoke on keeping Christ in Christmas. My kids love doing it every day. It was so nice to have something Christian to use as a countdown instead of paper houses with windows that open. You made our Christmas. 


Thank you so much! I’ve never had the confidence to teach my children Bible stories but this made it so doable! Let me know when you do one for Easter.


Love this! And thought I’d pass along an additional idea I had. I put the cards with our elf on the shelf and did a treasure hunt daily to find the little bag. What fun this thing is amazing.


Gorgeous! Are you sure you’re charging enough? Just kidding. It looks so pretty on our dining table, and we did it at dinner every night. My husband even joined in. You are right this thing will be a family tradition for us forever! Thank you.


Just wanted you to know the legacy continues. I was so excited to pull out my original Jesus Advent Tree that I did with my now-grown kids. I recently moved near my grandkids and now I’m getting to start the tradition with them! I’m giggling! They are all wide-eyed at each bag. This is a wonderful way to keep Christ in the Christmas season! Thank you so much!

Weight 2.625 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in

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