Our Wedding Was a Disaster!

Our Wedding Was a Disaster!

Our Wedding Was a Disaster! 1707 2560 Mona Corwin

How was your wedding day? Dreaming? Or a Disappointing?

Every girl dreams of the day she gets to wear the pretty dress and kiss the man of those dreams.

And then the day comes. Did yours live up to your dreams?

Mine didn’t. Our wedding day was awful. Everything from bad photographer, dead flowers, families fighting, the band quit and…. Somehow the guest got served green jello salad with carrots in it. It was terrible. (I posted the pic on Instagram)

It didn’t get any better as we headed out to our car covered in black crepe paper and a sign that said… “Grand opening tonight.” I was mortified.

This week we celebrated the 42 anniversary of that “grand” day. We laugh about it now but I still feel sorry for that little girl who so wanted it all to be so wonderful. All week on Mornings With Mona I talked about marriage. Click here to watch the one on “Intimacy in Marriage”

I love our love story and I love to tell it because though it wasn’t picture perfect on the outside that day, on the inside we had a love that was perfectly placed in each others hearts.

A wedding doesn’t make a marriage. People do.

We get asked a lot what is the secret to 42 years. Here’s some of the funny and serious answers we give.

Funny ones:

  • Warren is never wrong so when he said he was in love with me he couldn’t go back on it. Ha.
  • He’s is competitive. One day in a conversation he said, “I’m going to out serve you.” And the challenge has been going on ever since.. (right now I’m winning)
  • My man is sentimental and a secret romantic. Playlist and memories are his love language.
  • As for me… I just can’t stop feeling like I did when I first met him. Yes I still giggle inside when I see him.
  • He makes me angry for sure. And yes we argue. And yes its loud (do you know me, ha?) But we always remember that we are in this together forever.

Serious ones:

  • We don’t go places or be in a closed door room alone with someone from the opposite sex.
  • We never used the word divorce. We both agreed it would be to hard to find someone else to put up with us.
  • We don’t use love or love-making as a weapon.
  • We really do try to out serve one another. Looking for things daily to bless the other and make their day better.
  • We know that God has created this union with purpose and intent. And know what it is. To create a generational line covered by Him. One that breaks the curse of previous generations.
  • Warren loves me like Christ loves the church. He is a servant leader that takes the responsibility of growing our children and me into all that God created us to be. He desires to represent God the father as he fathers our children.
  • And I have learned how to be a strong woman that can stand down and let him make final decision when I don’t agree. I’ve learned to be a helpmate that is supportive and not brash or manipulative. ummm…. Make that I’m still learning. Ha.

We didn’t get to this place in one day… Friend it’s taken 42 years and I’m still learning. Thank God He’s in it with us. What are your marriage secrets? Hit reply and give this girl some more ideas!



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