Not Enough Today? How to Get Out of IT!

Not Enough Today? How to Get Out of IT!

Not Enough Today? How to Get Out of IT! 976 782 Mona Corwin

I keep seeing posts and photos that proclaim “You Are Enough!”

Like somehow if we encourage each other enough then that will make us enough. Somehow if we just believe it then it’s true.

But as a mentor and coach to moms I have to ask you a hard question… Is that saying true? Are you really enough? And what if you know deep down you aren’t?

When I counsel a woman we nail this issue down asap before anything else. It is vitally important so I want to share it with you.

We, all of us. Men women and kids must learn to separate WHO we are from WHAT we do. It is ground zero for marriage, parenting and success in life. When we don’t get this right we struggle with identity and get tangled up in all kinds of stuff. Stuff like shame, guilt, self hatred, envy and competition.

Let’s get started.

The Who of you is your core identity. It’s knowing who you are because Christ is in you and what HE says about your “enoughness”

The Do part is your actions. How you are living and growing,

So you might in fact not be enough when it comes to doing a budget or disciplining your kids. But you can LEARN how to be enough in those areas and yes… become enough in all your doings.

Yet all the doings will never be enough to make you  who you are to Jesus better. Because WHO you are is already and fully enough for Him.

You are already enough for Him, His presences and His love. Period.

No striving or getting better required. As His child He loves you and is pleased with you just the way you are.. fully His.

It’s all about your WHO-Not Your-DO.

Your DOings will help you achieve everything God designed for you to do. You can change and become enough for the life challenges and goals you have. Through learning skills and gathering tools of the trade will equip you for enough.

But your WHO to Jesus is ALWAYS enough. Isn’t that the Best?

How does this make you feel now knowing you are enough to Jesus and still might not be enough to doing a budget good?

Here’s the Mornings With Mona that goes deeper into this topic. Enjoy.


Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community