Are You Letting Women Walk On You? Envy & Competition

Are You Letting Women Walk On You? Envy & Competition

Are You Letting Women Walk On You? Envy & Competition 466 470 Mona Corwin

Mom Competition and Envy… UGH Don’t you hate it when you see it. AND Don’t you hate it even more when you catch yourself doing it?

Getting a grip on comparison is one way to nip that green eyed monster in the bud.

But How?

You know, Comparison isn’t all bad. It helps us see options and possibilities that are out there. We see something in other women’s mothering, marriages or homes and think, “hum… that’s cool.”


The very next thought you have will take you on a good path or hook you and lead you right down the competition and envy one.

You can think,

“Wonder if I could do that, have that, be that?”

Or you can take the negative path and start thinking,

“Huh, I’m better than her at that, wish I had that, or I’m such a loser.”

The difference is Good comparison makes you a better woman one that wants to learn and grow and can learn and grow from watching others.


Negative comparison makes you a miserable woman who is never satisfied with her own life and can’t be happy for someone else either.

We can make the right choice. But just in case its hard for you let me give you a great incentive from God’s word. A scripture I learned early in my walk.

James 3:16

“Where there is envy and strife there is confusion and every evil thing.”

Yikes I don’t want confusion and evil things in my life and I bet you don’t either.

James the writer of that verse most likely knew about envy. After all he was Jesus’s brother. Imagine telling on Jesus to Mary? Ha. You would always be the one in trouble and coming in second place. Yep James knew.

Let’s make the choice to use comparison for good and growth and not envy and strife.

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