Getting to the Heart of Discipling Kids

Getting to the Heart of Discipling Kids

Getting to the Heart of Discipling Kids 1280 720 Mona Corwin

Getting to the Heart of Discipling Kids

Do you ever think to yourself “Why do my kids act so bad?

Do you ever wish they would just stop acting up and really don’t care why?

In parenting we can have the tendency to just want bad behavior to just stop! While that will give you some headway, the heart of the problem will most likely pop up again.

Here’s some Mom Coach tips from me Mona your mom mentor

Cause and effect.  Just like when they were crying newborns you would check their diapers, feeding times, sleeping times, teething.  There might be something physical behind the action.

When kids act up they may need:

  • A new coping skill.
  • Self Control
  • Learn Delayed Gratification
  • A nap
  • Less stimulation
  • Express their emotions in words

As they grow older our parenting requires us to look deeper than physical reasons for bad behavior. We need to look a the heart behind the action.

If your 4 year old smacks their sibling you will want to correct that behavior immediately. Teaching them how to modify their frustrations in a less harsh way. This takes care of the problem for the moment.

But look further into the heart of the issue. What was causing that outburst? Was it anxiety, anger or jealousy? Whatever take time to address the heart of the action.

God talks about the “heart” over 1,000 times in the Bible. And He isn’t talking about the physical blood thumping organ either. He’s referring to our emotional heart.

Proverbs 4:23.

“Guard your heart above all else for it determines the course of your life”

We need to help our children learn to guard their hearts from wrong and hurtful things that would try to take root in their lives. Things like hate, anger, bitterness and unforgiveness are things to help our children learn to deal with-God’s way.

Yes, we all just want our kids to behave and not act up. But don’t just focus on behavior modification and not heart transformation.

Best steps to accomplish this is to make a list of the attributes of God and teach then to your children. Call them out  and praise them when you see those attributes exhibited. And best of all exhibit them yourself. We could all use a little more guarding of our hearts-mom included.

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