3 Little Known Bright Spots in Bad Weather

3 Little Known Bright Spots in Bad Weather

3 Little Known Bright Spots in Bad Weather 500 359 Mona Corwin

Stuck in the airport due to yet another snowstorm? Caught in a downpour and rush into work looking like a drowned duck lately? Probably. The bad weather across our country this season has certainly been something to talk about.

Bad weather can raise havoc in our lives and many of us would prefer to have it 74 degrees and sunny everyday. Never having a snowstorm; down pour or heat interfere with our days or our plans.

Yet changing weather can be a good thing. There can be a bright spot to bad weather. Here are 3 that you might not have noticed.

1.  It captures your eyes.

For me weather captures my eyes and brings me into the moment. I can be driving down the road with a million things rushing through my mind. I am naturally a forward thinker always preparing and placing my thoughts on what’s next. But when the rain starts or the wind begins to blow, my thoughts are captured and brought fully back into the moment. I stop the whirlwind in my head and refocus on the simple pleasure of the sound of rain on my roof. I almost always smile as I admire the process of clouds and snow and rain.

2.  It connects people.

Ever notice how people love to talk about the weather. “Stay cool out there” “Storms are coming” or in Texas we chime “Hot enough for you out there?”

Funny, you can go to three different places on one day and everyone has an comment about the weather.

Why? I think talking about the weather connects us. It’s something we all have in common. The rain falls on all of us.

Recently I ran from my car in the sleeting rain into a new hair salon that I just started frequenting. I was freezing and wet as I busted through the door like a bull at a gate. I startled the normally helpful yet standoffish girls at the counter. And we all started laughing at the state of my hair. Good thing I was at their salon they said.

That day weather became our connection as we talked about childhood memories and what we liked and didn’t like about weather and Texas. Together we concluded that the best part of weather was we were able to wear all of our seasonal clothes. Boots and sweaters, shorts and flip-flops, and sometimes all in the same week. When I left that day we were better connected and the salon felt more like a community. And FYI… my hair looked fabulous.

3.  It changes the mundane into adventure.

This may seem like a stretch but hang in here with me. If all days were a balmy 74 degrees we might just gloss over the fact that its sunny and lovely. Weather would be like oxygen. Just something that is always there and we don’t really notice. You won’t find anyone chatting at the office about the oxygen levels of the day.

But changing weather… now that mixes things up a bit. It puts a little interest into a simple trip to the airport. When the weather switches it takes the mundane and adds a little something, a little adventure to it. It peeks our curiosity and has us wondering what’s next?

Something’s can only happen when the weather mixes things up. Like the excitement of kids hoping for a snow day from school or jumping in puddles in the pouring rain. And don’t you know that we as grown ups secretly like joining them in the fun. The mundane Monday becomes an adventure when there is a hill full of snow.

So go ahead, next time you’re stuck at the airport due to another snow delayed flight or caught in the rain… stop, grab that moment, connects with others around you. Choose to smile and find the adventure that awaits you.

Well that’s it for this week. Got to runthe rain has started again and I see a puddle out my window that is calling to be jumped in.

But let’s keep the conversation going. I’d love to know what’s your favorite part of weather and why?

So, hop over to Facebook , Twitter  or Instagram and join the conversation. Or better yet, take a picture of yours; I’m going to post mine.


Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community