Self-Care-Why Moms Don’t Ask For It

Self-Care-Why Moms Don’t Ask For It

Self-Care-Why Moms Don’t Ask For It 2560 1706 Mona Corwin


  • Memorial Day…. check
  • Graduations… check
  • Home Schooling… check

Did anyone else even catch April and May fly by? What a whirlwind!

Moms are exhausted! Home has been ground zero for all the chaos of the crisis. And while that has been really good and wonderful. It has been complicated and chaotic all at the same time.

The moms I coach are all saying the same thing, I’m so tired! Yet when I ask them if they have had any time to themselves or plan to, they almost always say no.

This is when moms can really get into emotional and physical trouble. I know it happened to me. Here’s what I learned.

Many. Maybe even you. Don’t even give themselves permission to have needs so they don’t even clarify what their needs are.

When I asked moms why they don’t just ask here are 4 things they said and what I have to say about that.

“When I ask for time to myself, I feel like:

  1. “I’m being selfish.”

No self-care is not selfish. It’s an act of preserving the very thing your family needs-YOU.

  1. “I’m a failure that I can’t handle it all. All the time.”

Wrong! No one can handle everything all the time. In fact, the more tired and stressed you are the more your ability to handle anything tanks.

  1. “I’m weak”

I hear ya on this one. I thought how hard can being a mom be? Little did I know it is a different kind of hard than an office job. And it requires a different kind of care.

  1. “I’m a victim”

No one wants to wimp out and be a victim. We all want to be a hero. Actually, feeling sorry for yourself won’t ever get you the strength or help you need.

  1. “What if they say no?”

This is a real one. Secretly we wonder if our husbands will say no. Sweetie, you must ask. Do it kindly without making them feel like they have been neglecting you. No guilt or shame for either one of you.

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Don’t Wait

The truth is moms wait way to long to ask. Create a self-care routine when it’s still a want or desire. Don’t wait until you are on your last nerve and NEED it.

Here’s what I mean. A desire is a craving. A want is a longing. But a need? A need is a necessity, required a lack induced requirement.

Nobody can go 24/7 and not crack. Not even a mom.

Now no more excuses. Your virtual mom coach has just given you permission to figure out what would recharge you and ASK for it.

(Give your husband a wink and a kiss and tell him your Mom Coach said so!)



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