Nurturing Your Child’s Spirituality: A Mom’s Guide to Developing Little Souls

Nurturing Your Child’s Spirituality: A Mom’s Guide to Developing Little Souls

Nurturing Your Child’s Spirituality: A Mom’s Guide to Developing Little Souls 1640 924 Mona Corwin

As we moms navigate the journey of motherhood, it’s easy to focus on the tangible milestones—teaching them to walk, ride a bike, tie their shoes, and learn their letters. While these are undoubtedly crucial aspects of their growth, we cannot forget that our children are also spiritual beings

Have you ever noticed that sometimes our kids are more in tune with the spiritual nature of this world than we are? I often think that God allows them to see more things, as they are often more non-judgmental and trusting of their instincts than adults are. 

In the hustle of daily life – school pick-up, extracurriculars, homework, cooking dinner – it’s essential to nurture and develop their spirituality, an often overlooked area, that is one of the most important, if not THE most important, part of our kids’ well-being.

But I know you know this. And in this era of parenting advice overload, it’s common to feel inadequate when it comes to teaching our kids about sin, faith, and spirituality. 

We might be tempted to delegate this responsibility to churches or other institutions, assuming they could do a better job. However, the truth is that we, as mothers, play a pivotal role in shaping our children’s spiritual journey.

From Mundane to Spiritual Moments 

It’s in those small, seemingly mundane moments that we have the power to stir up spirituality in our kids. 

  • When they’re sick, and we not only bring them juice and broth but also offer a prayer, we are modeling the belief that God is looking out for them and can heal. 
  • When singing songs and listening to music, you are teaching worship. It’s not just about learning songs but understanding the essence of worship. Do your children know how to connect with their spirituality through worship? Instilling this understanding early on helps them develop a sense of purpose and meaning, long before they might accept Jesus personally.
  • Every night, as you tuck your child into bed, create a bedtime ritual that involves a short prayer or a moment to express gratitude. 
  • Use mealtime as an opportunity to instill gratitude. Encourage your child to take a moment to express thanks for the food on the table. This simple act teaches them to appreciate the blessings in their lives and acknowledge the source of abundance.

These subtle gestures plant the seeds of spirituality in their hearts, even before they can comprehend it fully.

As moms, we are natural nurturers. We comfort, gather, and tend to our children’s needs. It’s a role ingrained in us by the Creator, and it’s so important to recognize the power we hold in shaping the spiritual aspects of our children. 

Developing spirituality is not about creating something new, but about nurturing what already exists within them.

So, Mumma, let’s remember that our children already possess spirituality within them. God gave them a soul when He created them. It’s our duty as moms to develop and nurture this aspect of their being. 

By teaching empathy and compassion, we guide them toward a fuller understanding of their spiritual selves. 

So, as spiritual nurturers, may we build a firm foundation of faith, empathy, and compassion in the hearts of our precious ones.


If you need support or tips, I’m here. 

Hugs, Mona

Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community