It’s a Wonderful Life, But How Are You Living It?

It’s a Wonderful Life, But How Are You Living It?

It’s a Wonderful Life, But How Are You Living It? 1920 2560 Mona Corwin

It’s a Wonderful Life, But How Are You Living It?

Watching a movie of someone else life is always entertaining. We laugh when they laugh we cry when they make mistakes. And after the credits roll the point of it all is always clear.

Wouldn’t it be great if your life was a movie and you had the whole script? Unfortunately, God didn’t create us that way. He wanted us to live each day as it comes. He has given us this “chapter” called today. And we have the high privilege of bringing it to life.

We get to see parts but only God has the whole story. Hidden from our view we can’t know it all. One thing we do have is our past. It is in plain view for us to learn and grow from. And we can hope and plan for our future. But, eventually we must realize that He ultimately holds the entire script. And as author, He still holds the pen.

If your life were a movie, what character would you resemble?

  • George Baily in “It’s a Wonderful Life” who always wanted a different life than the one he had?
  • Charlie Brown who couldn’t find the meaning of life?
  • Or maybe a character from “Christmas Vacation” that plans for happiness but finds chaos in every scene.

All these characters have different storylines, however there’s something very common in the way they looked at life.

They were only observers in their stories. They were either living in regret of the past or wishing for something in the future. It wasn’t until they stopped and looked at their “now” moment, that they found all they were desiring.

All this got me wondering. Let me let you peek into my pondering

So, where’s my script?

God’s got my script. He’s the author and finisher. He is the one that created me and He knows the script because he wrote it. I need only to look to him for the next scene and my part in it. He knows where to stand and when to exit stage right. He knows the exact words and the plotline.

Yes there will be twist and turns, tragedy and troubles. But as in all good movies there is a Hero and God has given himself that lead role.

I also realized, He likes to stay on the project until the last curtain call. I can be confident that He will not leave me on the cutting room floor.

What’s my role?

Quite frankly, I was surprised that God lets me choose. I can either be an observer of what happens to me or I can be the director of my story.

The Observer

Being an observer is certainly easier. No responsibility, just take what comes, living life in a constant state of reacting. Observers spend their days watching as life hits them and fumbling in the moment to make sense of things. Then they spending the rest of the time regretting the messes and worrying about what will hit them next. Never prepared or confident, the observer’s storyline always close with bad reviews and unhappy endings.

The Director

I can choose to be an observer or I can be the director of my story. Directors have a lot of influence over what unfolds in a movie. They bring the authors plot and words to life. The director only needs to remember that whether it’s in Hollywood or Heaven the authors words always have final say.

I have grown weary of my old observation role life style of years gone by. I am determined that in 2015 I will look to the author of my story. I have chosen to direct my steps to His plans. I will put my confidence in His creativity and guidance as He provides exciting plots and pages of directions. I will listen and bring God’s words to life in my life one day at a time. Trusting Him for the next scene.

A Challenge

This week take sometime to evaluate the most recent chapter of your life. Be objective. What were your accomplishments? What was missing? What lessons did you learn? Are there areas where you need to change roles from observer to director? Is your storyline from the original author, God? Are you directing your life to His plan?

My Conclusion

When God writes your story it will be an adventure.

Enjoy the chapter of life you are in… you never know

when the author will flip the page.

Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community