Inspiring Women Who Do All With A Whole Heart

Inspiring Women Who Do All With A Whole Heart

Inspiring Women Who Do All With A Whole Heart 960 960 Mona Corwin

Are you laughing? Does this describe you?

There you are all saddled up looking ahead… yet something is holding you back.

You thought you were committed to a plan/ goal. You had gathered all the information. You bought all the cute equipment or software. You even mapped out the process. Yet after 30 days you still haven’t gotten very far on the trail.

Can you relate? Feeling frozen or ready to head back to the barn?

Don’t get under condemnation. I want you to take heart! Let me inspire you today, to let go of the wimpy things that hold you back. Girl, you were made to ride, not stay stuck!

Let’s grab some courage, get refocused and move forward fearlessly with whole-hearts.


  • Get out your goals and write them down. Even God wrote down stuff for us. Remember the big 10 commandments?
  • Put those goals where you can see them. 5 x 7 note cards, your bathroom mirror or pick one a day to serve as your computer password. Remembering is half the battle.
  • If you can’t do it alone, bring in help. (A friend, coach, trainer, class) Even if it is only for a short time period.
  • Remember your WHY! This could be the most important thing. If you have known me for very long, you know that this is common advice from me. Your why will help you move forward with a whole heart.

What’s a whole heart decision?

When your mind, your emotions and your will all agree, you can move forward with a whole heart.

Whole heartedness takes place when you:

  • Understand something in your mind
  • You feel agreement in your emotions
  • Then you will be able to will yourself to it

God tells us to love Him with our whole heart. So it must make sense that when we are wholehearted it’s a good thing, right? Take time to evaluate your goals, your why and get your whole heart set to accomplish great things in 2015.

So drop the reigns that hold you still and ride, girl, ride!

Words to inspire

For inspiration, here are a few fabulous inspiring women and their websites that inspire me to live whole-heartedly. They’ve each chosen a guiding word for 2015. I am happy to call them my friends. You’re going to love them.

Tina Marie Griffin

Tina Griffin

For a decade, Tina worked on numerous TV shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Young and the Restless,” “90210,” “Melrose Place,” “Ally McBeal,” “Lizzie McGuire,” “Drake and Josh,” “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and “Malcolm in the Middle” along with numerous Hollywood movies. Now she lives to expose the lies Hollywood wants to tell teens. Her mission is to share and equip moms with knowledge that will cause a paradigm shift in this generation.

Tina encourages herself and you with the word Intentional.

“Being intentional with our time, talents and finances in 2015 to expand God’s kingdom! There are many distractions in life today with our technology driven, immediate gratification focused society. Being INTENTIONAL will help us use our resources to fulfill God’s calling on our life. God has called me to create a pop-culture paradigm shift in the next generation, giving them a mission worth living for.”


Lisa Canning

Lisa Canning


Lisa Canning is one part savvy, fashion-forward designer and one part busy, authentic mom of 5. She has had roles both in front of and behind the camera on several HGTV shows. Her talent and her website will inspire you to make your life beautiful and home workable. Bottom line: she is both adorable and inspirational.

Only one word could describe how she feels about 2015… Fearless.

 “This year I am going to be fearless with my decision-making. To look critically at how I spend my time! Which means taking care of my health, my family, my faith life and my career. I’ve realized that while 2014 was full of success on many fronts (a home renovation for me, client renovations, lots of work) it’s time for a renovation on my personal life.”


Theresa Ceniccola

International Christian Mompreneur Network

inspiring women

Theresa is a mentor to moms who are running a business that supports their faith and families. She helps moms put what matters first while developing businesses that can flourish.

Her word: Listen

“So, Listen is a humbling word for me. It’s a reminder to listen before I speak or act. To listen for God’s truth daily. To listen to my husband and spend time really focused on him and on our marriage. To listen to my children – not just do things for them and tell them what to do, but to listen to what is on their hearts. To listen to my clients so I can better serve them. To listen to my body. To know when to push and when to be gentle on myself. When to work and when to rest. The word Listen is also a warning for me. It’s a command to listen to the right people and not to give my attention to the enemy.”

Wow, that got me inspired. I want you to be saddled up with inspiration and know you are not alone. Friend, we’re all in this together. So don’t go it alone. Hop over to my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and get connected to our community.

Let’s ride this year out together!

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Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community