Diving into your purpose? 5 questions to ask before you jump

Diving into your purpose? 5 questions to ask before you jump

Diving into your purpose? 5 questions to ask before you jump 1810 2560 Mona Corwin

“Book it!” my husband immediately said when he learned about the Platform Conference. And boy I’m glad he did!

Not just because it was held at the gorgeous Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado. And not just because I really needed some rest, (yes I booked my massage before I booked the airfare) but to soak up wisdom from some of the best.

When Michelle Cushett spoke I knew I had something to bring back to you. Just like me, we all want to discover our purpose and live it with passion. Let me start with a few of her words. See if they touch your heart like they did mine.

“We learn early on that life is not safe. We sit on the edge of new ideas, new possibilities.

We know its scary and we could get hurt and fail. Yet any dream worth living begins with vulnerability and risk.

Dive in or sit. You choose.

Don’t cheat the world out of YOU!”

Statements like this can inspire us or make us down right depressed. We want to live a tailor made purpose. But we lack the courage to step out.

At the conference I met people that have both purpose and courage. They press forward and found the “why they do what they do” and now they actually do it.

What to find your purpose? Wondering if you have the courage to dive in?

After the four days of intense focus, I got clarity and I am challenge in my mission and my why. Some of that clarity will show up in changes on this website. Look for those in the coming months. I think you’re going to be pumped about the changes.

Note: This blog post isn’t full of answers it’s full of questions. Full of quotes from the conference speaks who will cause you to ponder on the direction of your life. It’s OK. Allow yourself to look into the mirror of your dreams and ask hard questions. In the weeks to come we will be addressing practical solutions for diving in and making a big splash in your world.

Platform Hosts

Michael Hyatt

This man has one of the most generous hearts in the business. He and his team wowed us at every turn. Then when our mouths were still hanging open, he served up content and wisdom. Encouraged us to excellence and to know our Why.

#1. Do you know your why?

Gail Hyatt

You know the saying… behind every successful man is a woman? Well, Gail isn’t just any woman. She is a woman that expresses the beauty of God’s design called helpmate and wife. She exemplifies the role in the ways she helps and supports her husband. Then turns and influences the people around her with genuine connection. Breathing life into every need around her. She warmed us with her smile and encouragement.

#2. Does your husband have a God designed helpmate?

#3. Is your family experiencing the warm love you have for it?


Challenging wisdom from the Platform speakers

My personal favorite was from Stu McLaren who quoted David McKay:

 “No Other Success Can Compensate For Failure In The Home”

 More quotes

Ask yourself Why you do what you do, then ask why again” &“A gift is given to you, and a skill is learned and earned. Are you willing to learn?” Ken Davis

“Mom’s learn while they are washing dishes.”  Cliff Ravenscraft on podcasting:

“Commit to serving others first.”  Ray Edwards

“Want to change someone’s life? Start by changing their day first.”  Pat Flynn

“Hire yourself as the CEO of a new vision for yourself”  Casey Graham

“Don’t fall into the grip of perfectionism. It is the mother of procrastination. Just ship it!” & “Create memorable moments that surprise.”   Michael Hyatt

“Comparison is the thief of joy”   Crystal Paine

 #4. How are you sharing your gifts, talents and wisdom so others benefit?


The Platform community showed me a key. I have never seen such focused passion in one place. Strong leaders from every venue: baseball coaches and luxury designers to mission minded educators and coupon mommas. Looking for vision and inspiring others to find theirs, vulnerability that produced clarity was the common thread of discussions.I’m so grateful to be a part of a community that serves each other in: Clarity, Courage, Commitment and Confidence.

#5. Have you found a community of people that shore you up and speak truth to you?

A community for you

I hope you find community here at MonaCorwin.org. I adore spending time with the women who want to speak life into those around them. Women like you who are willing to be vulnerable, take risks and share what God has put in them. You are wowing the world with the love of Jesus.

My challenge to you this week

Be introspective and think through the questions in this blog. Write down what ones challenge you. Then comment below or email me at mona@monacorwin.org. My goal is to help you be all God created you to be. So, start the conversation and as Michele said let’s dive in together.

Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community