Back to School: Helping Kids Decompress from New Year Jitters

Back to School: Helping Kids Decompress from New Year Jitters

Back to School: Helping Kids Decompress from New Year Jitters 2500 1407 Mona Corwin

I remember don’t you. Those new school year jitters that happen every school year. Everything is new. New teachers, new friends, new challenges. Excitement mixed with fear equals jitters.  (continue reading or watch video below)

Then there is the anxiety of possible failure, rejection from friends, new books filled with things you don’t know. Oh My! Sounds like the beginning of the Wizard of Oz.

It’s all part of growing up and doing new and hard things and you as a mom don’t want to stop that-right?

All these emotions and growing is just one more reason why home is so important. Home needs to be a place where anxious and over-stimulated kids can find empathy and a place to decompress and get grounded.

Indeed you are the light within your family. Your home is where your light and effectiveness should shine the most.

Matt. 5:14-16

“You are the light of the world. Like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

You and your home should be the light that sheds warmth and helps them to see the way.

1. Be Available

There is a reason moms of the past have had milk and cookies waiting for their kids after school. When your kids come home try to be as available as possible. If you pick them up make sure you do all your errands before you get them.

Some kids need a bit to quiet down, some start talking right away. You know your child’s personality so be available for what they need.

2. Ask Questions and Listen

Start communication with them by asking a question that doesn’t have a yes or no or fine answer. Instead of “how was school?” Try “What did you think about that math book?”

3. Empathy

Everyone wants to be understood and kids are no different. Offer empathy to their emotions. Use words like: hum, wow, and oh my.

4. Be a Stabilizer

Help bring them back to calm and love. Grounding them with your family life. You can do that by dinner together. Laughing together. Help them prepare for the next day so they don’t start the next day stressed out.

5. Be a Visionary

Remind them of other things they didn’t know how to do or be and they made it. Hard tests, tying their shoes, etc are now easy and the new things they are learning will become that way too.

We have a saying in the Corwin house, “Corwin’s do hard. Hard isn’t a stop sign its a go sign to keep going until it isn’t hard any more.”

Lil Mumma you are a light for their feet and their feelings and their fears. You are the one that creates a home that stabilizes and decompresses them.

What a privilege to be the grounding force in a child’s world.


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