3 God Affirming Websites For Mothers and Daughters

3 God Affirming Websites For Mothers and Daughters

3 God Affirming Websites For Mothers and Daughters 1000 628 Mona Corwin

Mentoring begins at home. You are the first mentor your daughter will ever have.
What you teach her will impact the foundation of her perception of what a woman is.
No pressure, right?

It’s ok. Take a deep breath. The pressure for mothers and daughters is real but God has supplied the design to build on. We all feel like we aren’t equipped. And at times we feel like we are blowing it big time, especially with our girls. Friend, you are not alone. Many of us are asking the same questions. In this crazy upside-down culture, is raising confident Christ honoring girls even possible?

There is great hope and great resources for you and your daughters. Here at monacorwin.org we have a team that is working to empower you with resources and ideas to mentor you and equip you to mentor. Mentoring isn’t just about reciting Bible verses and having morning quiet times. It’s about working God’s truth into our Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons. It’s about reflecting him in our hashtags and our hairdos. It is having continual conversation with God and communicating His love to others.

Internet resources
The Internet can be a dark, dangerous place for your daughter to navigate. However, there are many sites that are positive and shine the light on godly living. I believe we can be culturally relevant and still be godly. Here are 3 of my favorites for all the girls in your sphere of influence.

#1 Girl Defined
This is definitely one of my favorite blogs for my teen and college-aged daughters. Girl defined beautifully defines life as a Christian girl. Two super cute sisters, Kristen and Bethany, take bold and beautiful to a new level. Like posts Mind-Virgin: Saving More than Just Your Body and Help for the Crush-Obsessed Girl. You don’t want to miss a word of this purposeful and to the point blog.

#2 Pure Freedom
Best selling author and conference host of the super fun “Secret Keeper Girl” events, Dannah Gresh is the source for this informative blog. She has created a perfect place for you and your tween. As a mom, embrace this season of opportunity by diving into topics and speaking life and laughter into your daughter’s life. Connecting in the tween years ensures a strong bond in the teen years and beyond.

Posts like: “Ten reason every mom must talk about sex to her daughter” and “Why are we attracted to the bad boys?” will have you and your daughter entering into great conversation.

#3 LOLO Magazine
This online magazine is a must for all women. Beauty and style are at the core of this resource. LOLO Magazine is the ultimate lifestyle experience; integrating the fashion, food, beauty and health industries. LOLO Magazine offers a resource to make your life healthy and fashionably pleasing. Founder and editor Lauren Scruggs knows fashion and beauty. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this beauty rise to the top. You will love the tips and blogs. Leaving the raunchy content of some magazines behind, LOLO brings the fashion runway to your front door. Don’t miss the “5 Friday Faves” each week plus loads more on fashion/health/beauty.

Bookmark It
Trust me, you’ll be glad you bookmarked these three web sources. After you’ve checked out these sites, share this blog with another mom who wants to mentor her daughter well.

Got any sites or resources that you love? Share them in the comment box below. Got a mom or mentoring question? Ask it, we want to help.

Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community