The Corruption of Feminine Envy: PART ONE

The Corruption of Feminine Envy: PART ONE

The Corruption of Feminine Envy: PART ONE 547 548 Mona Corwin

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch envy unfold in someone’s relationship. Not that I haven’t had to fight this awful enemy before; I have. But this opportunity gave me a sideline view of this sinister enemy of women at work and how it destroys.

As I watched, sadness was the only feeling I could muster. Envy was corroding yet another female relationship, another sister in Christ’s bond. I wanted to yell, “Don’t do it! Don’t give in.” It was like re-watching a horror movie and hoping beyond hope that the actress wouldn’t go through the door that led to pain and suffering.

I knew the woman trapped in the real life scenario in front of me was going to take that fatal step. I wanted to interfere before she believed the envy lie. But it was too late. And right in front of my eyes, I watched the corruption of envy take hold.

The result: She became the victim of her own jealousy. It was an ugly image to behold and made me search my own heart for this corroding enemy.

The Ugly Truth

When you envy someone else, the corruption and bitterness comes from within you.

You are the one agreeing that you are not enough, but everyone else is.

Why on earth?

Why is it that we allow society to define and redefine what we look like, what is considered valuable, and how we should interact?

We have allowed our culture to promote and propagate the idea that we are not enough. But that other girl: Oh, she is prettier, smarter, a better wife, better mother, just plain more than we are? Really?

I’d like to blame society until I realize society is made up of us. We are the ones that will decide that enough is actually enough. Can we do it? I think we can if we get real and seek God’s help.

So today I want to look at envy straight in the face, and declare that it will not go unchecked in my mind. I will live in the real life truth that I am enough. And sweet sister, I hope you will join me. Because, girl, you are enough too!

Join me next week for “Slating ourselves for failure or becoming the answer,” the second in this two part series.

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