Moms Like Us Do Things Like This

Moms Like Us Do Things Like This

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Moms Like Us Do Things Like This

It’s the time of year for new starts and resets. It’s a fresh time of year. So much promise for new beginnings and dreams.

But before you start your new resolutions for this year may I ask some bold questions?

  • How was your time with Jesus and studying His word in 2018?
  • Are you frustrated that you once had fruitful time in prayer and loved studying your Bible, but now with kids and the chaos you just can’t make it happen?
  • Do you ever get done with a prayer and wonder if God even heard it?
  • Are you embarrassed to tell anyone that quite frankly you have never learned how to study your Bible and now you don’t how you’d find the time?

I get it. As moms we selflessly put everything before ourselves and somehow we have believed the lie that sitting with Jesus is for us and therefore it needs to wait.

The truth is…

While spending time with Jesus and reading the word is a sacrifice of time. If we take that time and sow it into Jesus and His word we will reap an abundant harvest for our family.

Bottom line: Moms like us do things like this… we find time for Jesus and His word.

How do I know? I have experience it for years. At first I thought it was just a way to focus and get my self together before a day full of kids, diapers and dishes. But soon I realized that on the days I missed my Jesus time my family suffered and I was a crank (which is a nice word for how I really acted-yikes.)

So basically I began having my Jesus time out of pure desperation and deep need.

But then I discovered something wonderful.

Soon I was responding to things differently. I was happier. Friend, I was being transformed by the word I read and the Jesus I was learning about.

I still do it today. I have mentored christian moms for over 20 years and THIS is the biggest need I have seen. I love helping moms learn how to reset their spiritual life to make a big impact in everything else in their lives. Actually nothing else works like it.

More truth…

You will never experience your best life until the word of God fills your life. Oh, don’t get me wrong. You can have a good life and even a great one. But you won’t have your best life until Jesus and His word is such a part of your life that it spills out of the time spent into the time lived.

So the question now is… “

“Mona, how in the world can I do it? Can you show me how?”

The answer is YES, YES and YES! I’m happy to announce that for the whole month of January in our Master Your MomLife Community I’ll be teaching you all the systems and tools to make it work. And girl it’s free because we are moms who do things like this in community. As your mom mentor I am confident that this will jump start everything for you.

Yep, The Finally Finding Time for Jesus- Your 2019 Spiritual Reset is starting on January 7, 2019 and I can hardly wait!

Here’s just a peek at what we will unravel:

  • Print outs and resources for doing our spiritual reset month together. Life is better with moms like us.
  • Learn how to pray undistracted even when there’s distraction.
  • Discover what we can do in the season we are in.
  • Scripture memorization that’s doable.
  • Reading plans that work for moms like us.
  • Bible Study tools and skills for short and long study times.
  • How to pray prayers that protect our family and home.
  • How to hear from God and what His voice sounds like.

Plus…I’ll be sharing my secrets that keep me on track and hungry for more of the word everyday.

Join me daily M-Thur LIVE at 10:00 cst inside our Mastering Your MomLife FB Community. It’s FREE. Make sure have joined so you don’t miss anything! I’ll be there LIVE to encourage you, answer your questions and give you all the help you need to reset your spiritual life for 2019. You got this!

Sweet mumma, I know you love your family and your man and you love Jesus too. But moms like us do things like this. We pray and study and become more like Jesus. We do it to help our family grow. To protect it with spiritual warfare prayers and to have the light of Jesus’s love in our homes. We are women who find time for Jesus because we are desperate for Him.

And don’t forget to head over to the Free Mastering Your MomLife Community and join.

Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community