Good Job Lil Mumma (Amy Pierson)

Good Job Lil Mumma (Amy Pierson)

Good Job Lil Mumma (Amy Pierson) 1774 1774 Mona Corwin

<GUEST POST> My sweet friend Amy Pierson is guest posting for us this week. Amy is our social media director and she does a great job. Amy has worn many hats in her lifetime including, Girls Minister at Prestonwood Church. She was my co-author for “Table for Two” published by Lifeway in 2010. Since then Amy has taken her on her favorite role of SAHM and is flourishing with her husband Kyle and 2 little ones in Plano, Texas. 

Today is Palm Sunday. For the last few weeks I’ve been texting back and forth sharing Easter ideas with girlfriends who have kids with similar ages. One of my friends even wrote a blog filled with great ideas! I’m so thankful for the encouragement we all get from each other!  

My 19 month old was sick with a fever and I sadly couldn’t go to church this am. My husband took my very excited 3 year old. She’s generally an excited kid, but today she was bouncing off the walls. We had been talking about Easter with the Jesus Storybook Bible, resurrection eggs, and crafts. I knew our church would give her a palm branch. I told her as they were leaving and she was thrilled! She came home waving it and squealing hosanna non-stop. I cracked up and took a video to email to my family. I just happened to be texting with Mona, a mom mentor, so I sent her the video. She immediately wrote back, “adorable! Good job lil mumma!”

I shared the video on Instagram later, but Mona’s congrats felt better than all the likes. I knew she wasn’t just “liking” that my kid is funny or cute. She was affirming that reading to my kids and getting my kid excited about Christ is well worth it. She was reminding me that making even the smallest disciple takes effort but it is a job well done.

It is too fun and easy to snap a pic and get liked on social media. I mean we all have cute kids, and it’s not our fault they’re hilarious too. Ha

But, her text reminded me that I’m so blessed to have a group of godly older women who not only agree my kid is cute, but affirm my training and teaching them. The days can be long and physically exhausting, but I’m thankful to look up from the diapers and see godly older women who have godly adult kids cheering me on.

Do you have a godly woman at your church who gives you and others an awesome example to not only persevere but also enjoy this season of littles? Send this to her and tell her job well done!

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