4 Lies About Motherhood Exposed

4 Lies About Motherhood Exposed

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Sitting at a stoplight in the pouring rain, I saw her as she struggled to get her toddler unbuckled and out of her SUV. I thought to myself, “It’s really early to be out with a little one.” I continued my train of thought as I watched her shield her child from getting wet. “Moms are like that. They get wet, just to keep their babies dry.” I smiled as I watched her hand her baby to a woman at the door and quickly turn to get back in the car. What I saw next gripped my heart.

Safe in the car I could see she was crying very hard. Hands over her face and her wet head bent toward the steering wheel. My heart went out to her. I envisioned her posting later.


The light changed and I turned into my neighborhood.

My attention was quickly redirected as I saw a 4-year-old running in the rain toward a large puddle. Arms in the air to get the maximum height, he took the leap and landed smack in the middle, splashing water all over his 1-year-old brother who was giggling so hard his pacifier fell out. Their mom was running behind them laughing and capturing the moment on her iPhone.

I knew this little family, so I rolled down my window to join in the moment. Breathless the mom waved and said, “Some days you just have to start out with a pajama run in the rain.”

We both laughed and I turned into my driveway. As the garage door went up I checked my Instagram. I laughed out loud again. She had just posted the moment and I smiled as I pushed play and watched again the pajama rain run commentated by a laughing, breathless mumma. Her hastag?


I was surprised by the lump in my throat as emotion washed over my heart. Two moms in the rain, two different stories, two different mothering styles.

DON’T Stop Reading It’s about this time in the post that you might want to quit reading. You may think that I’m going to bash working moms. Or belittle moms who stay at home. I’m not going to do either.

What if there was another mothering style option? What if we stopped believing the lies about motherhood?

If we claim to be an enlightened and advanced society how have we come to the place where family is sacrificed for things, and moments exchanged for objects?

Why are there only two storylines for mothers? Women must give up their dreams for their children or they must give up their children for their dreams?

Deep in my heart I believe both options are wrong. I believe there is another option, another way, and another story to be told. And I hope it will inspire you whether you’re crying or laughing in the rain today.

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The 4 lies about motherhood

I believe there are prevailing lies in our world. Lies that have become the outlines for the stories women are writing for themselves. And these lies have kept women captured in the “work or not work” drama.

Lies like:

  • You can have it all… I’m superwoman
  • You will get left behind… I’m the oppressed
  • You can’t have it all so just give it up… I’m the martyr

And the worse mom-heart ripping lie: The kids will be fine. They will adjust. It’s school right? No wait he’s a baby. Let’s be honest it’s really a daycare…. I’m replaceable.

Let me make myself clear

You lil mumma are not superwoman, oppressed, or a victim and you certainly are not replaceable. The world has cast a role of womanhood, motherhood and marriage that is not attainable. It puts women at odds with their innate callings and instead of being able to support each other they’re at one another’s throats.

That’s not the storyline any of us want to live.

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A New Story

I believe it is time to break the lies and gather around to support each other and write another story. One that focuses on a woman’s core callings, her individual gifts and talents while still creating a home environment where people flourish and God is center. This kind of mothering style can and does exist.

Wonder how? Well, that’s what the Balanced MomLife is going to be talking about. Finding your calling, finding your balance and living your story.

I believe that we can break the lies and find our way home to our children without giving up our gifts and talents. And I believe that our time in history makes this more feasible than ever before.

Let me ask you this:

  • If you want to be at home with your little ones? Why aren’t you?
  • If you want to pursue your gifts and talents? Why have you given up on them?
  • If you don’t know the answer to these questions then maybe I can help.

Let’s do this

As your virtual Life Coach, I want to help you find your calling, find your balance, and live your story. You can be the woman, wife and mother your want to be and create a home that nourishes the lives in it… including your own.

This post is only the beginning of the story. Virtual coaching and mentoring is what this website is all about. I’ll have posts, tips, conversations, troubles revealed and problems solved in the life of this blog. There will be things you may want to add to the script of your life and lots we all might need to leave on the editing room floor. One thing is for sure… you don’t have to do it alone.

Wander around the site or click here to get updates. I’ll let you know when I post fresh content from the 4 ingredients to the Secret Sauce of living a balanced mom life story.

What prevailing lies have you believed about your motherhood, womanhood and marriages? Let’s talk. I’ll be over on Facebook. Come join me and other moms who are writing their stories too.

See you there…



Mona Corwin, Creator of the MomsLikeUs Academy, Podcast and Community